Comedy Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater in Minnesota

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The Coronavirus has affected all of us. How will it impact
The Mystery Café?

Without an audience, there is no theater. The Mystery Café especially needs you, because you can’t have interactive theater if there’s no one to interact with.

Like so many entertainment venues, we are looking at an uncertain future. Limitations on how we gather and in what capacity will determine our ability to perform for you.

The future may be uncertain, but there are two things that we feel can be counted on:

More than anything else, we value the health and safety of our guests and our actors. This will be guiding any decisions we make on when we will be doing shows again. To be clear, there are varying opinions about businesses reopening, and governmental guidelines often strike a balance between the advice of health officials and what the public wants. We will be basing our decisions on the recommendations of health officials. Out of an abundance of care, we will choose an abundance of caution. 

We truly cannot wait to get together with you again. We don’t yet know when – but we will be back. 

At this time, all of us are craving the ability to be with other people. To gather and to interact. When the time is right, we want to provide you with the kind of interactive experience that has been so lacking. One that reminds you of the importance of togetherness. And, of course, a show that makes you laugh harder than you’ve laughed in a long time. You need it. And so do we. We all deserve it.

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Until we meet again: be safe, stay healthy, and laugh as often as possible.Sincerely,

Brian Kelly
Owner – The Mystery Café

click the above photo to see a video of our 2019-2020 season