Comedy Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater in Minnesota


What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but “dressy casual” best describes the customary attire.

Will there be Liquor?

Yes. We have a full bar and table side cocktail service. Please note that cocktails are not included in the ticket price.

What comes with the meal?

Three courses (please see our menu), including salad, your choice of entree and dessert.  Bread and butter, coffee and tea are all included. 

Do I choose my entree ahead of time?

Yes. We need your selection prior to the day of the show. If you purchase tickets online, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours, confirming your reservation and explaining entree choices. You simply reply to that email with your selection. Or, you can call us with your entree.

Is the show appropriate for children?

That might be the toughest question we get. Everyone has different ideas about what’s okay for kids. For that matter, everyone has a different idea of what a “kid” is. If our shows were rated like movies they would probably be considered PG (or in some cases PG-13) Our shows are written and performed to have broad appeal, and we have always stayed away from gratuitous vulgarity, insult and “shock” humor. The official line is; “We don’t recommend kids under 12, but we don’t prohibit it.”

Am I going to have to get up and dance or anything?

No. Mystery Cafe is interactive, but your level of participation is entirely up to you. Your enjoyment (and comfort) is our #1 goal. Our actors are seasoned professionals who can distinguish between those who wish to play, and those who prefer to watch.

Do you do shows off site?

You bet! We have done hundreds of shows all over the mid-west, and can adapt almost any show to fit your needs. Find out more by clicking here.